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We Are There When Nature Needs Us Most

Ontario Nature is a charity that has been protecting wild species and wild spaces through education, conservation and public engagement since 1931.

Ask the government to be more ambitious with its plans to grow the Greenbelt. The expansion should protect areas of high ecological and hydrological value that are threatened by urban development.

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Answer the call of the wild. As an Advocate for Nature, we’ll provide you with opportunities to speak up when nature needs you most.

Ontario Nature Blog

Spencer Burton: Helping Nature Through Music

Canadian folk artist Spencer Burton released his new album Coyote this winter on Still Records...

Community Science: Connecting Through Curiosity and Shared Conservation Goals

Where would science be without contributions from the public? While trained scientists are regarded as...

Holland Marsh: No Place For a Freeway

The former mayor of Toronto, David Crombie, once gave me invaluable insight about how we...

Coming to know Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas

Across Turtle Island (what is currently known as North America), Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas...

ON Nature Magazine

The Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes: The fluctuations in water levels that make residents clamour for intervention are essential to maintaining local habitats. Can the temptation to meddle in natural cycles in place since the ice age be resisted?

Minister's Zoning Orders Video

Minister's Zoning Orders are increasingly being used to fast-track development on farmland, wetlands and greenspaces across Ontario.

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