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We Are There When Nature Needs Us Most

Ontario Nature is a charity that has been protecting wild species and wild spaces through education, conservation and public engagement since 1931.

Short-eared owl © Scott Fairbairn

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Ontarians Won’t Be Ignored

Snip, snip, snip. That’s how my supervisor, Anne Bell, described the recent tangle of legislation...

Places Worth Protecting – The Nabish Wetland Complex

By now you’ve probably noticed our provincial government has been taking a thorough, bit-by-bit approach...

Rattlesnakes and Loss

I’ve been thinking about Samuel Beckett and Ontario rattlesnakes. There used to be two species in...

Searching for Sustainability – Four Green Search Engines You Should Try

From newspapers to conferences to medical appointments, so many aspects of our lives have permanently...

Answer the call of the wild.

As an Advocate for Nature, we’ll provide you with opportunities to speak up when nature needs you most.

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