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We Are There When Nature Needs Us Most

Ontario Nature is a charity that has been protecting wild species and wild spaces through education, conservation and public engagement since 1931.

Sprawl for all – anytime, anywhere? No!

Proposed new Provincial Planning Statement would spell disaster for nature and farmland.
Please join us in opposing these changes.

Sprawl encroaching on Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve

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New and Updated Guides to Nature in Northern Ontario

Just in time for summer, Ontario Nature is pleased to present our new and updated...

Atlassing Made Easy – A Guide to Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas 3

The third Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas (Atlas-3) is a province-wide volunteer bird survey. Beginning on...

The Underrated Beauty of Snakes

If you asked people on the street about their greatest fear, many of them would...

Wildlife-vehicle Collisions – a Threat to Both People and Nature

Our planet’s natural environment is under unprecedented stress. The good news is that you can...

Answer the call of the wild.

As an Advocate for Nature, we’ll provide you with opportunities to speak up when nature needs you most.

ON Nature Magazine

- A young Black woman hikes the Bruce Trail while commemorating the Underground Railroad

- Endangered Kirtland’s warblers return to restored habitat

- Peat sold for gardening is adding to destruction of peatlands and climate change

Free Nature Guides

Ontario Nature’s guides bring readers closer to nature by informing and inspiring.

Learn about the province’s fascinating wild species and wild spaces.

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