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We are there when nature needs us most

Ontario Nature is a charity that has been protecting wild species and wild spaces through education, conservation and public engagement since 1931.

Caribou Denial

Please use your voice to support caribou – the grey ghosts of the boreal forest.

Boreal caribou © Mati Kurg

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Answer the call of the wild.

As an Advocate for Nature, we’ll provide you with opportunities to speak up when nature needs you most.

Ontario Nature Blog

30 by 2030: Ten things you should know about Canada’s new protected areas targets

On September 28th, Prime Minister Justin Trudeauannounced Canada’scommitmentto protect25percentof our lands andwatersby 2025, and 30percentby2030.Here’s...

The Importance of Urban Forest Stewardship

Trees in and around urban areas maintain healthy communities. Trees not only provide the oxygen...

Connecting Young People with Nature

The chestnut-sided warbler’s song soundslike he’s “pleased-pleased-pleased-to-meetcha!”–Iexplainedto a group of childrenat one of Ontario Nature’s...

Conservation and Enhancement of Ontario’s Biodiversity

AsOntario’s largest clean power generator, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) produces clean, reliable and safe electricity...

ON Nature Magazine

Green Giants: Old growth forests are unique ecosystems that are not renewable. So why does the provincial government continue to allow them to be logged with impunity?

Youth Circle for
Mother Earth

A cross cultural network of young Indigenous and non-Indigenous environmental leaders to become lifelong ambassadors for nature. Supported in part by OPG.

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