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About Us

We are there when nature needs us most.

Colpoy's Bay, Malcolm Bluffs © Joe Crowley


Ontario Nature is a conservation organization that protects wild species and spaces through conservation, education and public engagement.

Ontario Nature is a charitable organization representing more than 30,000 members and supporters, and more than 150 member groups from across Ontario.

Since it was established as the Federation of Ontario Naturalists in 1931, Ontario Nature has been a champion for nature in Ontario.

Our vision is simple: An Ontario where nature inspires and sustains us for generations to come.

Bald eagle © Missy Mandel


Protect and restore nature to reverse the ongoing trend of biodiversity decline in Ontario.

Build grassroots capacity and a collective voice for nature conservation with the Nature Network.

Connect people with nature to help build a commitment to life-long stewardship and nature conservation.

Strengthen capacity to increase impact.

Carolinian Life Zone © Anita Caveney

With your support, we are able to combat increasingly serious threats to our environment. Together we can continue to protect Ontario’s rich natural habitats, wildlife and healthy ecosystems for future generations.

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Our work is inspired by the following core values which guide us to achieve our mission and realize our vision:

Passion – We celebrate the diversity of life and a society that lives in harmony with the natural world that sustains and enriches us.

Optimism – We believe that Ontario’s biodiversity and life on Earth can and will be conserved for its intrinsic value and for future generations.

Courage – We are bold and courageous in striving to reach our goals, persisting to protect wild species and wild spaces.

Accountability – We are accountable to our supporters and the people of Ontario by ensuring that our work is science and fact-based, and done with integrity.

Boreal caribou © martYmage

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