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Oak Ridges Moraine © Isabel Veldhuis

Stewardship initiatives on private land are important for creating Greenways in southern and eastern Ontario, where most of the land is privately owned. Through the Greenway Program, Ontario Nature brings together community members, farmers, conservationists, industry and government agencies to restore and enhance wildlife habitats, and to create connecting corridors of natural cover to enable plant and animal movement.

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Answer the call of the wild when you are most needed. As an Advocate for Nature, we’ll provide you with opportunities to raise your voice for Ontario’s wild species and wild spaces.

Ontario Nature Blog

Don’t set them free!

Tiny and adorable red-eared slider hatchlings are frequently bought as pets and then later released...

Bird Whispering

I was skeptical when a birding friend said he could call birds in from the forest....

Demystifying poison ivy

Gardeners beware! Poison ivy was listed among the top 8 most toxic plants in Canadian...

Invest in Nature Photo Contest

Show us that you value nature from behind your lens. Submit an original nature photo of an Ontario species or natural area for a chance win. The top three finalists will be featured in in our award-winning magazine, ON Nature.


Butterfly Identification Workshop

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ON Nature magazine is an award-winning quarterly that brings readers closer to nature by exploring wild spaces, profiling wild species and providing insight on pressing environmental issues.

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