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Oak Ridges Moraine © Isabel Veldhuis

Stewardship initiatives on private land are important for creating Greenways in southern and eastern Ontario, where most of the land is privately owned. Through the Greenway Program, Ontario Nature brings together community members, farmers, conservationists, industry and government agencies to restore and enhance wildlife habitats, and to create connecting corridors of natural cover to enable plant and animal movement.

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Ontario Nature Blog

Back to School, Back to Nature

I have a distinct memory of being in Grade 10 English class and staring out...

Local Support Overflows for Jack Lake

Some areas undoubtedly merit protection. In Peterborough County (Treaty 20), the lands and waters surrounding...

Zoonotic Diseases on the Rise

Although we are uncertain as to the origin of COVID-19, it is conceivable that transmission...

High-rise Loon Watching

Making the most of the COVID-19 lockdown has meant finally doing some of those “If...

ON Nature Magazine

A Tree Woven Through Culture

The steady decline of black ash is exacting a heavy price.

Youth Circle for
Mother Earth

A cross cultural network of young Indigenous and non-Indigenous environmental leaders to become lifelong ambassadors for nature.

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