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As Ontario’s leading conservation charity, Ontario Nature stands up for nature across the province. We are there when nature needs us most. Join us to help protect Ontario’s natural legacy.

Woodland caribou © Paul Tessier

Bill 66

The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced that the provincial government will be removing Schedule 10 from Bill 66. The Schedule 10 “open-for-business” by-laws would have overridden protections for water, natural heritage and farmland in municipalities across Ontario.

This is a major victory for land, people, water and wildlife across the province. Thank you for raising your voice for nature!

Oak Ridges Moraine © Jason Kalmbach

Protected Places Campaign

Canada has committed to protecting 17% of our lands and inland waters by 2020. We’re holding Ontario to this commitment. Protected area are vital to conserving life on Earth.

You can help protect the wild spaces you love.

Oak Ridges Moraine © Jason Kalmbach c/o Ecospark

Migratory Birds Campaign

One of the biggest threats migratory birds face is collisions with windows. These result in a yearly death toll of more than 1 million birds in the GTA alone. We protect Ontario’s feathered friends through public education, advocacy and legal action.

You can help give the birds you love safe passage.

Injured American woodcock, Toronto © Noah Cole

Pollinators Campaign

Pollinators are declining in Ontario as a result of habitat loss, disease, pesticides and climate change. We’re working hard to bring back the buzz by advocating for the ban of neonicotinoid pesticides and by encouraging people to create pollinator habitat.

You can help Ontario’s wild pollinators thrive.

Tri-coloured bumblebee © Leslie Bol

Wetlands Campaign

More than 70 percent of southern Ontario’s original wetlands have been lost. We advocate for stronger wetland policy and do public outreach to help conserve these delicate ecosystems that are home to some of the greatest diversity of life, including species at risk.

You can help bring back imperilled wetlands.

Grundy Lake Provincial Park © Helena Jacoba

Natural Heritage Systems Planning Campaign

Strong natural heritage systems protection is necessary to maintain and enhance long-term quality of life, environmental health, ecological integrity and economic prosperity. Natural Heritage Systems are the natural heritage features, areas and linkages intended to provide connectivity and support natural processes which are necessary to maintain biological diversity, natural functions, and ecosystems.

Bullfrog © Brad Thompson