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Nature Reserve Stewardship

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Acquiring land is only the first step in caring for nature. As one of Ontario’s leading land trusts, we strive to be a model of responsible land management. With the help of local nature reserve stewards, Ontario Nature stewards our nature reserve system with individualized management plans.

We will gladly field your questions relating to conservation project management and help put you in touch with resources and conservation community experts.

Interested in becoming a nature reserve steward? The following nature reserves currently do not have stewards and could use your help! If you are located near one of these reserves and are interested in learning more about the nature reserve stewardship, please contact us at or 416-444-8419.

Management planning

Our management plans guide conservation actions on all of our nature reserves. The management planning process allows us to systematically identify challenges specific to each nature reserve and make informed decisions to meet those management challenges. Recommendations often address the challenges of mitigating visitor impact, performing ecological restoration, and safeguarding sensitive ecosystems and habitat for species at risk.

Management planning also gives Ontario Nature a chance to reach out to nature reserve stewards, neighbours and other stakeholders. All plans are written with considerable stakeholder consultation. If you live near a nature reserve and would like to be involved in the management planning process for that property, please contact us at

Local nature reserve stewards

Volunteers are the backbone of Ontario Nature’s Nature Reserve system. We rely on local stewards to monitor and appreciate them. Stewards ‘adopt’ a nature reserve and act in partnership with Ontario Nature to help protect and manage the property.

Without the help of local stewards, Ontario Nature would not be able to monitor the nature reserves or perform ecological protection and restoration projects to the standard we currently do.

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