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Advocate for Nature

Take action for the wild species and spaces that we all love.

Barn swallow © Doug Greenberg CC BY-NC 2.0

One Earth, One Vote

With a federal election on the horizon in October, it’s time to make the conservation of wild species and wild spaces an election issue. Whom we vote for matters more than ever. Not just for our country, but for the health of the planet. As wildlife declines, ecosystems unravel and the climate changes we will need leaders prepared to chart a course to a better and safer future for us all.

Ontario Nature has prepared seven questions you could consider asking party candidates if they come knocking on your door.

We also urge you to sign the One Earth, One Vote petition. Along with many other leading environmental and social justice organizations, we are asking our members and supporters to tell our party leaders that you will only vote for a government that upholds environmental protection, economic justice and human rights. Together we can make a difference.

Beaver © Missy Mandel

Wolves and coyotes wrongly accused

Without a shred of supporting scientific evidence, the Government of Ontario is proposing to open up hunting of wolves and coyotes across the north. The reason? They claim it’s to address declining moose populations. But the evidence doesn’t add up. Even the government recognizes that “removing just a few wolves from each pack will not decrease overall predation on moose.”, and coyotes don’t consume moose in significant numbers to begin with. If the government proceeds as it is planning, anyone with a small game hunting license in northern Ontario will be able to kill up to 2 wolves per year. There will be no limit to the number of coyotes shot. You can read about the many reasons why this proposal should not go forward in our latest blog.

Wolves and coyotes play an important role in nature. Join Ontario Nature in opposing the proposed changes to wolf and coyote hunting in northern Ontario. Let the government know Ontarians expect wildlife policy and management to be based on science.

Gray wolf © Gastev Roman HQI

Protected Places Declaration

Sign the declaration to show you care about protected places and ask the governments of Ontario and Canada to meet the commitment to protect at least 17 percent of lands and inland waters by 2020.

Terra Cotta Conservation Area © David Coulson

Become an Advocate

More than 12,000 people are raising their voices as advocates for the protection of Ontario’s wild species and wild spaces – people who are willing to take that extra step by communicating directly with the government and other decision-makers about the need to protect nature. Will you join them?

As an Advocate for Nature, you will receive emails about important conservation issues and easy ways you can take action when your help is urgently needed. Each action alert will include an issue summary and a recommended action.

Snapping turtle © Scott Gillingwater


You can make an enormous difference and it’s free! Ontario Nature’s advocates helped with campaigns that led to a conservation plan for the Oak Ridges Moraine, an 80 percent reduction in neonicotinoid pesticides, wetland and woodlot protection, establishment of 2.4 million hectares of new protected areas, and much more.

Oak Ridges Moraine © Jason Kalmbach

Protect Boreal Caribou

Please use your voice to support caribou – the grey ghosts of the boreal forest – at: protectcaribou.ca.

Tell the Government of Canada that caribou denial myths must be dispelled, and action must be taken with provinces to plan for caribou recovery and sustainable prosperity. Your voice matters.

Advocate for Nature Sign-Up

You can also contact us at info@ontarionature.org or 416-444-8419 to add your name to our distribution list.

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Trilliums at Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve

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