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Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Identification Quizzes

Test your knowledge about Ontario’s frogs, toads, turtles, snakes, lizard and salamanders.

Western chorus frog © Scott Gillingwater


These quizzes will test your knowledge on reptile and amphibian species found in Ontario. Each quiz focuses on a different species group. Try Level 1 for basic identification or Level 2 for intermediate identification. Level 3 is currently only available for snakes and tests your ability to determine the sex of individuals. This is a valuable training resource for Ontario Snake Long-Term Monitoring Protocol (LTMP) participants.

You can read more about reptile and amphibian species in Ontario and how to distinguish them in our online field guide. For a more detailed account of the native and non-native species in the province, you can read the comprehensive Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas publication.

Please contact atlas@ontarionature.org if you wish to provide feedback on these quizzes or have suggestions for future learning resources.

Five-lined skink © Joe Crowley

Turtles | Snakes and Lizard | Salamanders | Frogs and Toads


Turtles, often referred to as modern day dinosaurs, with their distinctive domed, bony shell, are easy to recognize. Ontario has eight native species of turtles.

Snapping turtle © Scott Gillingwater

Snakes and Lizard

Ontario is home to 15 species of snakes. The more you learn about these reptiles, the more you’ll be fascinated by their diversity and the less you’ll be scared of them.

The five-lined skink is Ontario’s only native species of lizard. Did you know that only young skinks have blue tails? Older male and female skinks have more uniform bronze tails?

Northern ribbonsnake © Joe Crowley


Ontario is home to 11 species of salamanders. Did you know that spotted salamanders breed in early spring, often while there is still ice on ponds?

Northern two-lined salamander © Joe Crowley

Frogs and Toads

Ontario is home to 12 species of frogs including two types of toads! Did you know that the wood frog can be found on the tundra in the north as well as in southern woodlands?

Northern leopard frog © Scott Gillingwater