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Ontario Nature is built on a strong foundation of commitment and concern for nature that is shared by a province-wide network of groups and individuals, the Nature Network.

The Nature Network connects Ontario Nature with people making their communities better places in which to live. It is a dynamic vehicle through which Ontario Nature brings provincial initiatives to the local level, and community groups bring local efforts and concerns to provincial attention.

Many of Ontario Nature’s conservation initiatives would not have been possible without the help and support of the groups in the Nature Network.

Please read our Nature Network Primer for more information about the Nature Network.

Tiny Marsh BioBlitz © Ken MacDonald

Group Benefits

Being a member of the Nature Network allows groups to interact with like-minded organizations across the province and receive benefits, such as:

  • Nature Network News: Receive Ontario Nature’s monthly e-newsletter.
  • Regional Meetings: Invitation to attend spring and fall regional meetings with neighbouring conservation groups.
  • Influence: Become part of provincial voice for nature in Ontario.
  • Environmental Awareness: Receive information about issues such as land-use planning.
  • ON Nature magazine: Complimentary copies of our award-winning magazine, ON Nature.
  • Resources: Access to the latest information on natural history, conservation and organizational management.
Gord McNulty © Nicole Chamula

Other Benefits

Through the Nature Network member groups can increase their profile both locally and provincially.

  • Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Special Event and Publicity Opportunities
  • Ontario Nature’s Annual Gathering
  • Conservation Awards
  • Advice and Resources
Bruce MacKenzie, Hamilton Naturalists Club © Bronwen Tregunno

“Over the years, Conservation Ontario and Ontario Nature have collaborated on initiatives related to the conservation and restoration of natural systems which support watershed and community resilience and strengthen the health of Ontario’s economy.”

Angela Coleman, General Manager, Conservation Ontario

“Through the Nature Network, High Park Nature is part of a family of nature protectors that share stories and collaborate when action is required – especially when natural areas are threatened. We are happy to sign onto petitions, participate in programs and join tours, where we share our issues and successes. The Conservation Awards, youth programs, group insurance and ON Nature magazine are some of the benefits of membership. It’s great to meet other like-minded groups and know that we aren’t alone in our efforts.”

Sharon Lovett for High Park Nature

“Any conservation group trying to protect the environment soon learns how difficult it can be to amplify your message and achieve your goals without support. Ontario Nature has helped elevate Eagle Lake Farabout Peninsula Coalition’s concerns and bring them to the forefront through consultation, on-site visits, data gathering, strategizing and publicity of Farabout articles. This organization has been invaluable to the evolution of our group and our achievements over the years.”

Dale MacKenzie, Co-Chair, Eagle Lake Farabout Peninsula Coalition

Mountsberg Conservation Area © Bill McDonald


The annual fee for an Ontario Nature member group is determined by the size of its membership:

  • Fewer than 100 members costs $83
  • 100–200 members costs $165
  • More than 200 members costs $248
  • Provincial partners costs $55

Payment is due upon receipt of an invoice in the fall. Membership and fee structure are subject to periodic review by the board.

For further information, please contact Lesley Rudy, Nature Network Organizer, at (416) 444-8419 ext. 224 or

Milkweed tufts, Hamilton Naturalists Club

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