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Ontario Nature publishes the Nature Network News on the 15th of every month with contributions from its member groups and staff. Ontario Nature grants permission for use of the information above in member group newsletters. Please credit either Ontario Nature or the member group.

The newsletter provides conservation updates about the Nature Network and its member groups including events, campaigns and other pertinent environmental news. It’s your way to stay connected with the environmental movement in Ontario.

Mashkinonje Provincial Park © Dave Sproule


We encourage submissions from our member groups for the Nature Network News. If you have a story to share, please contact Lesley Rudy, Nature Network Organizer, at (416) 444-8419 ext. 224 or

Submissions should be about 100 words. We’re looking for tightly focused articles that offer an interesting and timely theme, and a fresh outlook. Please be familiar with the Nature Network News before submitting ideas.

© Lynn Miller

Nature Network

Ontario Nature is built on a strong foundation of commitment and concern for nature that is shared by a province-wide network of groups and individuals, the Nature Network.

The Nature Network connects Ontario Nature with people making their communities better places in which to live. It is a dynamic vehicle through which Ontario Nature brings provincial initiatives to the local level, and community groups bring local efforts and concerns to provincial attention.

Nature Network News highlights events and conservation work within this synergy.

Friends of Bon Echo © Dave Deacon
Junction Creek Stewardship, new Sudbury clean-up

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