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Wallwork Nature Reserve

Ontario Nature’s most northern nature reserve is part of the Jocko Bay Provincially Significant Wetland.

Red-shouldered hawk © Lee Jaffe CC BY-SA 2.0


Ontario Nature’s most northern nature reserve is part of the Jocko Bay Provincially Significant Wetland and hosts several different wetland types including cedar swamp, thicket swamp, and both treed and shrub fens.

The entire property was logged before the Sault Field Naturalists purchased the property in 1968, but good stands of cedar have grown back on the property’s western section and its natural restoration process continues since becoming protected.

Showy lady's-slipper orchid, Wallwork Nature Reserve


The Sault Naturalists’ Club of Ontario and Michigan are the official stewards of this property. Their stewardship has been integral to furthering protection of sensitive habitat and rare species on the property.

If you are interested in assisting or joining the club, please email saultnaturalists@gmail.com.

To learn more about volunteering as a nature reserve steward, please see our Volunteer Stewardship webpage.

Showy ladyslipper © Julianna Kosturik

“Being the steward of an Ontario Nature property ‘locks you in’ and makes you feel bigger and better for being responsible, for the Planet really, but in your own little micro-environment.”

– David Euler, past president of Sault Field Naturalists

Plants and Animals

A number of northern orchid species can be found on the property, including dragon’s mouth, heartleaf twayblade and green adder’s-mouth. Rattlesnake plantain can be found on the drier ground of the wooded knoll.

Long-eared owls, northern harriers and red-shouldered hawk are some of the birds of prey that find shelter in this hidden gem.

Harris's checkerspot, Wallwork Nature Reserve © Mark Olivier


To protect the sensitive habitat of this nature reserve, the property does not have a marked trail system and is not open to members of the public.

If you have any questions about research on the property, please contact Ontario Nature at 416-444-8419.

We welcome donations to support this nature reserve and our system of 26 nature reserves.

Fen, Wallwork Nature Reserve © Tharanya Ravikumaran

Wallwork Nature Reserve