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Greenway Policy

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Strong provincial and municipal land-use policies are crucial to maintaining, restoring and enhancing livable, resilient landscapes. Ontario Nature works with community leaders, environmental organizations, and governments to ensure the rules are in place to address biodiversity loss and the uncertainties of climate change. We fight for strong policy so that we always have clean air, clean water and a rich diversity of plant and animal life to sustain present and future generations.

What we are doing

Our current work focuses on improving policy to protect natural heritage in the Greater Golden Horseshoe and protecting and restoring wetlands through the proposed provincial wetland offsetting policy.

Ontario Nature played a significant role in improving requirements for Greenway (natural heritage systems) planning in the revised Provincial Policy Statement, 2014.

We have also worked successfully with many partners to ensure that Ontario’s Wetland Conservation Strategy, released in July 2017, included strict protections for provincially significant wetlands and Great Lakes coastal wetlands.

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