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Ontario Nature Staff and Volunteers Plant 900 Trees

Tree-planting volunteers at Sydenham River Nature Reserve © Gabby Zagorski

Southwestern Ontario, September 26, 2021 – Ontario Nature’s expert biologists and volunteers joined to learn about habitat restoration at the Sydenham River Nature Reserve, and plant native trees and shrubs to transform fields into what will one day grow to Carolinian forest habitat.

Ontario Nature acquired 195 acres of ecological significant property on the Sydenham River in 2016 to establish the Sydenham River Nature Reserve and has been working to restore the property to its natural state.

This ambitious habitat restoration project has been generously funded by the Government of Canada, Lambton Wildlife Inc. (LWI), Sydenham Field Naturalists (SFN) and Ontario Nature members.

This spectacular property protects one of Ontario’s most biodiverse waterways. It saves a ribbon of extraordinary diversity of plants and animals in a region that is under intense pressure from development driven by hosting 25 percent of the Canadian population. The nature reserve is home to 38 species at risk and 34 species of mussel. Half of Ontario’s bird species breed in or pass through the area during migration.

“The astounding biodiversity remaining within the Sydenham River Watershed despite intense development pressures is a testament to the resiliency of nature. But it needs our help. Restoration work will increase connectivity within the region and increase habitat for rare species. By engaging the community every step of the way, this area will be a haven for future generations of humans and wildlife alike.”

– Smera Sukumar, Nature Reserve Manager

We aim to increase our knowledge of the local environment and to work together with SFN, LWI and the community to preserve and enhance the nature reserve. This planting event and our restoration initiatives help us connect communities to nature. Together, we celebrate this conservation success.

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For more information or media inquiries, contact:

John Hassell, Ontario Nature
Director of Communications and Engagement
johnh@ontarionature.org | 416-786-2171

Ontario Nature protects wild species and wild spaces through conservation, education and public engagement. A charitable organization, Ontario Nature represents more than 30,000 members and supporters, and 155 member groups across Ontario. For more information, visit ontarionature.org.