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ON Nature Spring 2022

Media Release: March 3, 2022

ON Nature Magazine Spring 2022

Water themed issue

Wellspring of Life
Simcoe County may be home to the world’s purest groundwater, but scientists worry that nearby gravel-pit expansions will leave its secrets untapped.
By Ray Ford

The Rights of Nature
The movement to designate rivers, lakes and other natural features legal “persons” with rights to self-preservation and legal redress is spreading through Indigenous communities in Canada. Will Ontario embrace the resolutions as a way of protecting its natural bounty?
By Brian Banks

Trout in Trouble
A rare abundant population of brook trout in the West Credit River is under threat from a proposed wastewater treatment plant. Can a partnership between conservationists and anglers save this cold-water specialist?
By Patricia Hluchy

ON Nature, a nature and environment magazine, is published quarterly by Ontario Nature. A charity representing more than 30,000 members and supporters, and more than 150 groups across the province, Ontario Nature’s mission is to protect wild species and wild spaces through conservation, education and public engagement.




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What’s Eating Our Forest Floors?    
The earthworms we welcome in our gardens are wreaking havoc in our forests. How did Ontario become filled with invasive worm species?
By Ian Coutts     

The Forgotten Fruit
Few have heard of it. Fewer still have tasted it. The pawpaw, Ontario’s mango, has a rich Indigenous history but a vulnerable future in the province.
By Jade Prévost-Manuel

The Scoop on the Buzz
No summer soundscape is complete without the whining, buzzing, humming and whirring of insects. We look at how cicadas, crickets and katydids fill our summers with their songs.
By Lesley Grant

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