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Bill 23 Media Statement

November 28, 2022

© Peter Pomykacz

Although Bill 23 has passed, we have seen how Ontarians, including our members and supporters, mobilized to express their opposition. Concerned people sent more than 14,500 emails to our elected representatives through Ontario Nature’s Action Alert alone.

We will continue to work with our partners to seek ways to prevent the negative impacts of this short-sighted move and push for it to be repealed. That includes preparing formal submissions through the Environmental Registry of Ontario (ERO) on the many policies associated with this bill.

There’s no time to pause as the push for environmental deregulation continues unabated. The most immediate threat is the Government of Ontario’s plan to carve up the Greenbelt. Our next ERO submission will be on the proposed offsetting policy will be submitted by the end of December.

“Ontarians will remember this day as one when critical environmental protections were undercut. We will live with, and pay for, the predictable consequences of harming our natural heritage, wetlands and farmland under the pretense of  affordable housing. Adding insult to injury, input from the public and conservation authorities into land use planning and decisions that affect their communities has been silenced.”

– Caroline Schultz, Ontario Nature’s Executive Director


For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

John Hassell, Ontario Nature, johnh@ontarionature.org, 416-786-2171

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