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Joanne’s Story

Canada jay © Peter Ferguson

For Nature Forever Circle

Joanne Brown credits her parents for instilling in her a conservation ethic and admiration for the natural world. “My first real nature lesson happened when I was five. My Dad and I found an acorn that a squirrel had planted, and we nurtured it from a sapling to a tree. This was a real point of pride for us.”

A long-time Ontario Nature member, volunteer and environmental activist, Joanne believes strongly in the power of collective action, and that habitat preservation is an urgent priority. “I joined Ontario Nature to protect the species that have no voice. We are their voice.”

Joanne Brown with grandkids

Joanne spends as much time as she can with her granddaughters, teaching them to respect and cherish nature as she does. They are her inspiration for activism and influenced her decision to leave a legacy gift to nature. “Remembering Ontario Nature in my Will is how I want to leave my mark when I’m gone.”

Like the oak tree that Joanne planted with her father, her legacy gift is an act of foresight and an expression of her desire to preserve the natural world for future generations to enjoy.

Red oak acorns, Sydenham River Nature Reserve © Stephanie Muckle