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Ontario Nature Greeting Cards

Wolves © Pierre Cardon


Wish your family and friends a festive holiday season with our exclusive 2020 greeting cards featuring cardinals by Ojibway artist Rick Beaver.

The proceeds from the purchase of your Ontario Nature greeting cards directly support Ontario Nature’s protection of wild species and wild spaces.

  • You can choose blank cards, or greeting cards with the message: “Wishing you a holiday season filled with happiness and the joy of nature.”
  • Each package is $12 (plus HST and shipping)
  • Each package contains 10 cards and 10 envelopes.
  • To order more than 10 packages or for U.S. customers, please call us for a shipping quote.
Cardinals in "Stormy Retreat" by Rick Beaver
Cardinals in “Stormy Retreat” © Rick Beaver

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Proceeds from the sales of these cards help support Ontario Nature’s vital conservation efforts.

Greeting Card Text

Cardinals in “Stormy Retreat” by Rick Beaver

A recognizable and brilliantly-coloured songbird, cardinals are found in and around woodland, brushy swamps, and gardens. Males are bright red with a black mask, red crest and red bill. Females are olive brown with red colouring their wings, tail, crest and bill.

Cardinals have made their way further north over the years, and are commonly seen year-round in southern and central Ontario. Their diet mainly consists of insects and vegetable material – including seeds from backyard bird feeders, which makes them a favourite among backyard bird watchers.

Northern cardinal perched at the top of a tree
Northern cardinal © Noah Cole
Report cover - Bluestem Balance_Rick Beaver
Bluestem Balance © Rick Beaver

About the Artist

Rick Beaver is an ecologist and artist of Michi Saagiig  Nishnaabeg ancestry living on Alderville First Nation near Rice Lake, Ontario, Canada.

He believes his art is helping to rekindle our connections with nature by fostering a fascination and reverence for its varied expressions.