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Colin and Vida’s Story

Showy lady's slipper orchids © Samantha Cava

For Nature Forever Circle

Vida Bain loved springtime on Manitoulin Island. Her husband, Colin, recalls “Being a naturalist, Vi found that time of year enchanting.” Vida appreciated all wildlife, but her real passion was horticulture. Orchids, in particular, held a special place in her heart.

A teacher by profession, she believed in the importance of protecting natural places and instilling a love of nature in the next generation. When she and Colin let us know of their desire to leave a legacy gift to Ontario Nature several years ago, Vida explained that she wanted to her gift to reflect her values and passions.

Vida Bain with Showy lady's slipper orchids

Since Vida’s passing, we have worked with Colin to use her gift in ways that would delight her. This includes funding vital stewardship work on our nature reserves on her beloved Manitoulin Island and the Saugeen Bruce Peninsula. Her gift also helped to advance our Nature Guardians youth program and employ several interns and staff just starting their careers in conservation.

Colin and Vida also have a joint life insurance policy which is shared between Ontario Nature and other charities that have been important to both of them. This type of gift has allowed them to make a considerable future contribution to Ontario Nature by paying comparatively small, tax deductible annual premiums on the policy. Their gift will have a lasting impact on our conservation work, benefiting future generations.

Every year with Colin and Vida’s family, we visit our Petrel Point Nature Reserve to celebrate her life and her love of nature. Her generosity will leave an enduring mark on protected areas like Petrel Point, where a stunning diversity of orchids bloom every spring.

Petrel Point Nature Reserve © Patti Henderson