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Thank You

Sydenham Nature Reserve celebration © Jaklynn Nimec

Thank You For Your Gift

Thank you for making a gift to protect nature in Ontario! You will receive an email confirmation of your gift shortly with a link to download a copy of your tax receipt.

You have added your voice to a community of nature lovers who are committed to protecting the wild species you love and the wild spaces they call home.

Together, we are there whenever and wherever nature needs us most.

Tufted titmouse © Bill McDonald

Your Ontario Nature

Every day, in every corner of Ontario, we take action – from your backyard to the boreal forest and beyond.

But birds, butterflies and badgers are not the heart and soul of our organization. People like you are. This is your Ontario Nature.

Lyal Island © Thomas Emptage


Please let us know if you have any questions about our programs, your gift, or if you would like to customize your communication preferences – including going paperless.

You can contact Lisa at 1-800-440-2366 ext. 234 or by email.

Grey-headed cone flowers, Sydenham River Nature Reserve © Ryan Wolfe