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Pits and Quarries

Aguasabon River © Lisa Olson

Aggregate extraction – the development of gravel pits and quarries – is a significant land-use priority in southern Ontario. While we understand that demand for sand and gravel, used to build roads and other types of infrastructure, is high in this part of the province, we also know that large aggregate deposits often occur in important natural areas, such as the Oak Ridges Moraine and the Niagara Escarpment.

The challenge is to balance the extraction of aggregate resources with the need to preserve Ontario’s biodiversity by protecting and enhancing the integrity of our natural heritage  and hydrological systems.

Cornerstone Standards Council

Cornerstone Standards Council (CSC) is a one-of-a-kind collaboration of industry and community stakeholders that seeks to support a prosperous Canadian construction industry that locates, develops and uses construction materials in a way that respects community concerns and environmental values.

Governed by a diverse Board of Directors – with representatives from the aggregate industry, environmental organizations (including Ontario Nature), community groups and experts in sustainable product certification – CSC’s purpose is to improve the conservation of the environment and community health and well-being in Canada by developing and implementing certification standards for aggregate extraction and use by the aggregate and construction industries within Canada.

This Program is made possible by grants from:

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