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Turtles and Trauma

By Marlys Kerkman,
The Peterborough Examiner,
July 17 2017

The Land Between, along with the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre (OTCC, formerly the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre), has declared a state of emergency for all turtles in the region.

As of June 21 the OTCC has received more than 450 injured turtles. Last year from May to October, the OTCC helped 370 turtles in total. “If this continues, turtle populations that are already at risk, will not have a hope of rebounding.” Noted Leora Berman of the Land Between. Leora, through the Land Between, has been working with the OTCC, Ontario Nature, Toronto Zoo and local groups for ten years to assess turtle threats, mark crossing areas with signs, and to support the testing of new models of underpasses.

The Land Between has provided municipal road crews with mapping of potential underpass/crossing sites, and created a best-management guideline for road maintenance to mitigate harm to turtle nests. More than 900 potential turtle tunnel sites where turtles can cross safely under roads have been identified in the region.

A campaign to save Ontario’s turtles will aim to raise $3,000,000 for the OTCC to expand operations and for TLB to oversee and install over 500 underpasses. For now, The Land Between and the OTCC are doing all they can.

Please help by spreading the word and donate at www.turtleguardians.com.