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Turtle Watch volunteers needed to track, help endangered turtles

With spring just around the corner, turtles will soon be on the move again and Dundas Turtle Watch is looking for some new recruits.

Volunteers monitor roads and off-road locations and maintain accurate records.

Dundas Star News,
April 5 2016

Volunteers receive training and are always paired with an experienced Turtle Watcher.

Turtle Watchers also collect information about other wildlife killed on the roads.

Collecting the information reveals hot-spots for fatalities so Turtle Watch can improve protection for wildlife in these areas.

All data collected by Dundas Turtle Watch will be shared with the Royal Botanical Gardens and Hamilton Conservation Authority and Ontario Nature.

In recent years, Turtle Watchers have also been protecting turtle nests.

Nests are covered to protect the eggs from predators. These efforts have resulted in more hatchlings emerging in the fall.

The time commitment involved is approximately two hours once a week, in the early morning or evening. The work requires a lot of walking and accurately recording information on a data form.

For more information, visit dundasturtlewatch.wordpress.com or phone 905-627-8917 after 5 p.m.