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ROM leads massive citizen-science campaign to document all plants, animals and fungi on June 13-14 in the Don River Watershed

Don River © David Coulson

Canadian Wildlife Federation and ROM Biodiversity launch new App iNaturalist Canada that connects all Canadians to our shared natural heritage

WHAT: The 2015 Ontario Bioblitz: Don River Watershed, the largest natural and wildlife species inventory event in Canada takes place this weekend, Saturday, June 13 and Sunday, June 14th 2015, throughout the Don River Watershed. Opening ceremonies take place on Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 11:00 am at the Ontario Science Centre, Blitz Headquarters for this year’s event. A new social media App for nature lovers will be launched in partnership with the Canadian Wildlife Federation at the event.

WHO: John Carmichael, Member of Parliament, Don Valley West, Dave Ireland, Managing Director, ROM Biodiversity, Natural History Curators from the ROM, along with all 2015 Ontario Bioblitz partners including staff from the Ontario Science Centre, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, Toronto and Region Conservation and the City of Toronto, the Toronto Zoo, the Canadian Wildlife Federation, Ontario Nature and Parks Canada staff from Rouge National Urban Park. More than 600 participants have registered, including 225 of the province’s biologists and skilled naturalists.

WHERE: Don River Watershed, including the Ontario Science Centre base camp site. Additional activities are taking place at locations across the watershed including Evergreen Brick Works, Tommy Thompson Park, and Sunnybrook Park in Toronto, and Bakers Woods in York Region.

WHEN: Bioblitz Opening Ceremonies on Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 11:00 am at the Ontario Science Centre

RSVP: wendyv@rom.on.ca or 416-586-5547, days of the event, 416-565-5737.

About the ROM
Opened in 1914, Canada’s largest museum of natural history and world cultures has six million objects in its collections and galleries showcasing art, archaeology and natural science.The ROM is the largest field research institution in the country, and a world leader in research areas from biodiversity, palaeontology, and earth sciences to archaeology, ethnology and visual culture – originating new information towards a global understanding of historical and modern change in culture and environment. For 24-hour information in English and French, please call 416.586.8000 or visit www.rom.on.ca. Tickets are available online at www.rom.on.ca.

About the Bioblitz
Bringing together species experts, citizen scientists, as well as the general public and a host of volunteers, the Ontario BioBlitz links a series of biodiversity inventory events across Ontario that aim to showcase the species richness we can find right in our own backyards. The flagship GTA event sees 400-600 participants each year. The event takes place over a 24-hour period all within a local GTA watershed – the 2015 Blitz is in the Don River Watershed. The Ontario Bioblitz is a program led by ROM Biodiversity along with its partners.