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ON Nature Action Alert: wolf and coyote hunting

The Millstone,
By the Millstone staff,
January 10, 2016

Ontario Nature (ON) recently posted an Action Alert to its members and member groups, which includes the local Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists club, regarding a notice on the Environmental Registry of proposed changes to wolf and coyote hunting regulations in Northern Ontario. The proposed changes have been posted as the following notice on the Environmental Registry: EBR Number 012-6073. Comments will be received until January 18, 2016.

To see details of the issue as outlined by Ontario Nature in their Action Alert go here. Ontario Nature Action Alerts are also posted on the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists website (find it under the Protect button).

To comment directly to the notice posted on Ontario’s Environmental Registry, members of the public may go to the Registry on-line, create an account (there is no charge for this) and comment on any active file on the Registry. Comments are used and considered by Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner during the decision making process for proposed legislation or projects. Comments become part of the public record.

It is a chance for your voice to be heard!