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Letter to the editor: Ban turtle hunt

By Peter Ferguson,
London Free Press,
January 27 2017

I recently learned two species – the at-risk snapping turtle and the bullfrog – are hunted legally in Ontario. Saskatchewan is the only other province that allows hunting of the snapping turtle. The Ontario government is reviewing these hunts and proposes to reduce both the season length and bag limits of the snapping turtle hunt, but not eliminate it.

While I do not hunt, I understand the reasons (cultural and population control) for moose and deer hunting, for example.

The Ontario government is accepting public input about revisions to hunting and trapping until Monday. Contact the Environmental Registry at www.ebr.gov.on.ca and enter search notice number 012-9170.

If readers oppose the continued hunting of snapping turtles and bullfrogs in Ontario, they can sign the petition on the Ontario Nature website: www.ontarionature.org

Peter L Ferguson