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Searching for Snakes with Ontario Nature’s Long-term Monitoring Protocol Webinar

June 2 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Eastern foxsnake, endangered (Carolinian population)


Did you know Ontario is home to 15 different snake species? While more than 50% are provincially at risk, a lack of information about population trends makes it difficult to effectively assess the conservation status of many of Ontario’s snake species. What can be done to address this information gap and advance the conservation of these cryptic and under-studied animals? In 2018, Ontario Nature developed a Long-term Monitoring Protocol (LTMP) to help gather baseline information about Ontario’s snake populations. The protocol has since been implemented at over 20 sites in partnership with various organizations and individuals, including provincial and national parks, conservation authorities, land trusts, research stations and private landowners.

Ontario Nature is now calling for more people to learn about snakes and assist in this province-wide effort! Join Ontario Nature’s Conservation Projects Coordinator, Brittney Vezina, to learn more about the ecology and identification of Ontario’s snakes, the ins and outs of Ontario Nature’s LTMP, and what you can do to help conserve snakes. Whether you want to find out more about the LTMP, or simply learn more about Ontario’s snakes, this webinar is for you!

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The development and implementation of Ontario Nature’s LTMP would not have been possible without the financial support of Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Government of Ontario, as well as contributions from the Ottawa Community Foundation and ECO Canada Employment Programs. This webinar and related training events are generously supported by the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.


  • 11:00am–11:05am: Introductions and housekeeping by the moderator
  • 11:05am –11:10am: Introduction by The host
  • 11:10am–1:25am: Presentation: Introduction to snake ecology, identification and threats
  • 11:25am–11:45am: Presentation: Introduction to LTMP and how to get involved
  • 11:45am–12:00pm: Questions


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